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Cuzco to the Amazon Basin, Puerto Maldonado – Peru

Hurrah its time to leave the grotty Hostel Pacana and the ants in our room. We’re leaving cuszo and heading to the Amazon Basin. We leave the hostel at 9.30 for our flight to Puerto Maldonado at 11.30. At Cuzco airport the security staff ask us all to open our backpacks so that they can have a root around. That’s fine except it took me 10 minutes to get it closed and put the padlock on the first place and now I have to do it while trying to rush through a queue. It is our hold baggage so I don’t know what the problem is but it is obviously a long standing rule because everyone else seems to be expecting it. We arrive at Puerto Maldonado after a short and bump flight,...


Inca Trail – Peru

The Inca trail starts with a couple of steep climbs. This day is supposed to be easy compared to tomorrow. We pass our first sighting of an Inca site, we’ve been told it’s an Inca check point, where travellers going Machu Picchu were counted and could rest and eat, but it was also used as a look out to protect the rest of the Inca sites. We walk from 9.45-13.45 and then we have lunch. I’m amazed at the sight of our lunch tent. The porters have set up a mess tent and a kitchen tent, they’ve cooked our lunch, they’ve boiled and cooled water for us to wash our hands in. We all have our own bowls to wash our hands in and they come round and offer us some hand wash,...